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Book Sellers

Weiser Antiquarian

Richard Bishop Bookseller

Miskatonic Books

Mortlake & Company

Thompson Rare Books

Caduceus Books

JD Holmes

McClosky's Antiquarian Books & Cards

Lux Mentis

Hyraxia Books

Imperial Fine Books

Triange Head Books

Treadwell Books

Arcane Offerings

Sanctus Traum Books

Hercynia Books

Sokol Books

Rare Tome

Dawn of Jupiter Books


Ouroboros Press

Society of Esoteric Endeavour

Hadean Press

Rubedo Press

Golden Hoard Press

Rose Circle Books

Ars Obscura Press

The Teitan Press

Holmes Publishing Group/The Alchemical Press

Golden Dawn Research Trust

Khepri Press

Black Letter Press

Scarlet Imprint

Holythorn Press

Kerubim Press

Avalonia Books

Nephilim Press

Revelore Press

Troy Books

Fulgur Press

R.A.M.S. Publishing Company [Restorers of Alchemical Manuscripts Society]

Hellebore Zine

Fiddler's Green Peculiar Parish Magazine

Lewis Masonic

Scottish Rite Research Society

Thoth Publications

Czech Hermetics/Vodnár Publishing

Folio Society

The Easton Press

The Philosophical Research Society

Philosophical Publishing Company

Azoth Press

Lux Ferous Press

Theion Publishing

Three Hands Press

The Viatorium Press

Ixaxaar Occult Literature

Xoanon Limited

Anathema Publishing

Atramentous Press

Lashtal Press

Enodia Press

Ibis Press

Inner Traditions

Red Wheel/Weiser Books

Llewellyn Worldwide


Adam McLean's Alchemy Website

Robert Bartlett's Spagyricus

International Alchemy Guild

Alchemy Study Program


Pansophers - Rosicrucian Tradition

Apostolic Church of the Golden and Rosy Cross

Le Parvis des Frères Aînés de la Rose+Croix

Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia

Societas Rosicruciana in America

Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Croix

Fraternitas Rosæ Crucis

Lectorium Rosicrucianum


The Digital Ambler

Hermetic Federation



Hermetic Library

Sodalitas Rosæ+Crucis

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

Hermetic Society of the Golden Dawn

Order of the Golden Dawn

Builders of the Adytum


The Gnostic Archive

Old Templar Church

Apostolic Church of the Golden and Rosy Cross

Apostolic Johannite Church

L'Église Gnostique Apostolique


Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite

Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, USA

Hauts Grades Academy

Education body of the AASR, NMJ

Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite

Southern Jurisdiction, USA

Master Craftsman Program

Education program for the AASR, SJ

York Rite

Grand College of Rites

Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatus

Allied Masonic Degrees

The Philalethes Society

Southern California Research Lodge

Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076

Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misraïm

Order of the United Rites of Memphis & Misraïm

The World Association of Egyptian Obediences

Martinist Order of Unknown Philosophers

Ordre Martinistes Souverains

British Martinist Order

The Rose+Croix Martinist Order

Handmade Items


Alchemical products and lessons by master alchemist Robert Bartlett.


Sphere + Sundry

Meticulously crafted talismanic items created during rare and potent astrological elections using sympathetic materials.

Flesh and Feather

Handmade Graeco-Egyptian magical papyri.

Omega Artworks

Custom high quality magical weapons and items.

Azoth Art

Golden Dawn, Martinist, Memphis-Misraïm, and Thelemic implements, garments, temple adronments, etc.

Golden Dawn Shop

Golden Dawn implements, tools, books, and more by Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero.

McCall Co. Bindery & Book Arts

A bindery specializing in fine custom leather bindings.

Mithras Candle

Hand-poured beeswax candles.

Tiny Ritual

Beeswax ritual candles.

Rosarium Blends

Handmade apothecary items, inks, perfumes, books, etc, made by Catamara Rosarium.

House of Orpheus

Website of perfumer Marcus R McCoy specializing in high perfume arts and alchemical esoterica.

Troll Cunning Forge

Occult blacksmith, folk magician, and alchemist, Marcus R McCoy.

Borealis Ironworks

Occult blacksmith, Cody Dickerson.

Vas Vulcanis

Glass blower and maker of custom alchemical glassware.

Iconoclast Designs

Occult jewelry, masks, and ritual items.

Legacy Icons

Religious icons, incense, and devotional items.

Magic Tool Box UK

Rosicrucian and Golden Dawn ritual tools.

Practical Occult

Solomonic pentacles, talismans, and PGM-based materia magica by Alison Chicosky.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Purveyors of fine esoteric goods, perfumes, and potions.

Bane Folk

A poison apothecary.

Johnny Decker Miller

Esoteric artist.


Daniel Yates - Photographer, stonecrafter, theologian witch.

The Temple of Mercury

Alchemical products and lessons.

The Inner Grove Apothecary

Herbal spagyric and alchemical products.


Raw Occult Chaotic Ritualistic Art -- Occult items displayed on their instagram. @r.o.c.r.a


The Blackthorne School

An online occult school offering a wide variety of classes.

Greek Magical Papyri

Courses on the PGM, Coptic magic and the linguistics thereof.


Alchemical products and lessons by master alchemist Robert Bartlett.

Renaissance Astrology

Courses, talismans, books, readings, and more from Christopher Warnock.


The Secret History of Western Esotericism podcast. An academic approach to western philosophy, theology, and esotericism.

Glitch Bottle

A podcast interviewing authors and experts in the fields of theology, occultism, and ceremonial magic.


The YouTube channel of Dr. Justin Sledge, exploring the arcane side of history, philosophy, and religion.

Hermetic Arts Learning Center

A wide variety of magical classes and items available for purchase.


Ordo Sancti Cypriani

The Order of St. Cyprian of Antioch

Denis Forkas


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