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Platonic Theology by Marsilio Ficino, Volume 6, Books XVII-XVIII. Translated into English by Michael J. B. Allen, Latin text edited by James Hankins with William Bowen. This text, as the title suggests, plays out Marsilio Ficino's view of Plato's system of theology. Marsilio Ficino is who first translated the majority of Plato's corpus of writings and the Corpus Hermeticum into latin, reviving the insterest and study in not only Platonism but also Hermeticism. It has parallel latin and english text on each page.


From the I Tatti Renaissance Library, published by Harvard University Press, 2006. Small 8vo, 413pp, dj. Nameplate and publishers device stamped to spine and front board. Bound in blue cloth.


Like New condition of both the book and dust jacket.

Platonic Theology, Vol. 6

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