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The Hekatæon by Jack Grayle [UNOPENED COPY, pictures of the book are from the seller's personal copy], second printing, limited edition of 550. This book takes the devotee of Hekate on an initiatory journey of the Hekatæan path of devotion and magic. At the end, part of the magician is submitted into the book, and it becomes alive and one becomes fully initiated into the path.


Published by Ixaxaar Occult Literature, 2021. 8vo, 367pp, light grey cloth boards title pressent to front board and spine in black with illustration inlaid into the front board. Sigils and illustrations by Rowan E. Cassidy and David Herrerias, layout by Stefan Fält.


Brand New Unopened from the publisher copy.

The Hekatæon [Unopened]

  • No returns or refunds.

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